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Laser Dentistry
Springfield, NJ

Hand holding a laser tool used for laser dentistry at Hammer Dental Associates in Springfield, NJLaser dentistry has made it easy for patients to get the treatment they need. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that works using laser light to kill bacteria and contour gums, leaving healthy tissue intact. We are very pleased with the results that this provides our patients and hold it in high regard for the treatment of multiple dental problems.

At Hammer Dental Associates we use our Picaso Soft Tissue Diode Laser for the following services:
•  Gum recontouring
•  Apathus ulcer treatment
•  Cold sore/herpatic lesion treatment
•  Venous lake removal
•  Fribroma removal

Benefits of Laser Treatments

The two greatest benefits of Laser Treatments are the fast healing time and the low discomfort level that it provides. Because it is a minimally invasive procedure there is significantly less healing time needed. There is no cutting of tissue during the procedure so the patient feels very little discomfort. Minimized downtime following the procedure is a great benefit that allows the patient to return to their normal schedule immediately.

Laser dentistry can give you your oral health back, so please give us a call today at (973) 376-7718 to setup an appointment!
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Laser Dentistry | Hammer Dental Associates - Dentist in Springfield, NJ
At Hammer Dental Associates, we offer laser dentistry, which has made it easy for patients to get the treatment they need. Click here to learn more and call today!
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